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Success QuicksandTMIntelligence - The Seminar
Avoid burnout & failure
while still working and living at full speed.
Stop cheating and hurting yourself,
your work and those you love.

Success QuicksandTM develops when your efforts to succeed cause damage.

Success Quicksand destroys your hope, health, happiness, relationships, financial success, business and talent. It causes costly mistakes and pain in your personal and work life.

There are other options for the success-driven.

2007 Success Rules of Engagement© you will learn are:
1) The 12 Ways You Personally KILL Your Success - Prevention & Response.
2) How to stop living chronically overloaded and trapped in Success Quicksand.
3) How to daily recover and achieve more of your goals, and enjoy your life.

When:: Friday, May 11, 2007, 8:00am - 11:30am
Where:: Marriott Warner Center, Woodland Hills, California
Fee:: $145 for registration received by April 24, 2007
$165 for registration from April 24th to May 11, 2007. Space is limted.
(Fee includes Seminar, Succesful Life Survey, Continental Breakfast and Parking).

Register and pay online now for this event by clicking the button.

For more information call 818-222-5469 or contact Rosalinda O'Neill at