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Company Background

Rosalinda O'Neill, President, founded CEO LifeMentor®, Inc. in 1984 as an extension of her unique skills as a strategic business consultant, mentor, business and professional practice owner, and licensed psychotherapist.

Rosalinda is a Burnout and Success Expert. All her efforts, and those of her professionals, are directed to give our clients the success they work so hard to achieve, and a life where they do enjoy it while still working and living at full speed.

Rosalinda O'Neill believes strongly that “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” includes “Success and
A Wonderful Life.”

CEO LifeMentor, Inc. specializes in strategic talent management and development, and organizational strategic planning. Our professionals deliver assessment tools, insight, perspective, understanding and wisdom to make you and your organization more successful.

We give you powerful skills, great wisdom as to when and how to apply it, and the ability to stop destructive sabotaging patterns as you and your team build for more stable success in your work and personal life.

We work with individuals, public and privately held companies, legal and accounting firms, and medical practices. We produce fast, long-lasting results remaining mindful of the many demands on our clients' time and the need for strict confidentiality. We never disclose the identity of our clients. For an overview of our firm please go to CEO LifeMentor, Inc. Overview (pdf*).

Management Profiles
Throughout the 1970's, Rosalinda O'Neill, founder and president, served on executive teams as administrator of the MBA program at the University of Miami's School of Business, research administrator of the university's School of Engineering and Architecture and personnel director of Southeast Bank Trust Co. She is a member of the Physicians Diversion Evaluation Committee of the Medical Board of the California, Rotary International and the City of Hope Board of Governors.

Rosalinda O'Neill has served as an on-air expert for the NBC television program "Extra" and for KABC and KRLA radio in Los Angeles, and has appeared as a featured speaker before the California Judicial Council, California Bar Association, CalOSHA, Oregon OSHA, Rotary International, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other private corporations and organizations.

Rosalinda holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Miami and a master's in counseling psychology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is a California Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with expertise in addiction, conflict resolution, dissociation, marital, relationship and trauma.

Rosalinda O'Neill, Collaborative Divorce Team member, founded Married For Life® in 1988 as a division of CEO LifeMentor, Inc., for counseling, mentoring and training programs to assess the success potential of a marriage or committed couple, create loving and lasting marriage partnerships, prevent divorce, and ease death and divorce recovery.

About Rosalinda O'Neill, Founder and President

Rosalinda O'Neill

"In my business and personal life, I know what it is like to do your best, be an honest, hard-working person, and make important decisions to make things right. How we make decisions and act in situations, especially when something goes wrong, shows our leadership strengths and/or weaknesses. Giving CEOs, and other men and women, the knowledge and skills to achieve the goals and success they desire gives me pleasure and success. As Personnel Director for Southeast Bank's Trust Company in the 1970s, and as a child helping my mother raise my four younger brothers, this has been my life's work. I love my work and my results show it.

The privilege of working with clients who commit themselves to making their business and personal lives more of a success is my legacy. Their trust of me is a privilege I honor."

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