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Collaborative Divorce Radio Interview
12/5/05 KRLA Radio Questions
for Rosalinda O'Neill and Ron Supancic

1. What is Collaborative Divorce?
ANSWER: (Ron) Collaborative Divorce is divorce where we help people be their best in the worst of times. We all know divorce is often a very difficult, sad, scary and stressful time in the life of the husband, the wife, the children, and all who love them. In Collaborative Divorce the parties and their lawyers sign a participation agreement which precludes any and all contested proceedings. They agree to negotiate face to face, disclose all relevant information, and engage neutral experts needed to assist in resolving issues. (Rosalinda) We give our clients access to advanced cutting edge technology and wisdom not available in any other law office we know of. They get our caring, patient, and wise counsel for their life to be better. Our approach even benefits employers who know productivity drops, mistakes rise, in a bad divorce.

2. How does Collaborative Divorce help a husband and a wife at the same time? That seems impossible.
ANSWER: (Ron) Attorney or attorneys involved sign an agreement that they will NOT turn this process into warfare in the courts and do all the damage and destruction that so often occurs. The War of the Roses that divorce attorneys practice where they charge high fees and pit the husband and wife against each other, and hurt the children, is NOT done in Collaborative Divorce. Everything we do as a Family Law Attorney and Psychotherapist gives both the husband and wife the knowledge, technology and tools to make fully informed intelligent decisions about ending this marriage and beginning a new life, keeping good relationships with their children, and negotiating their on-going relationship with the other parent who is now their ex-husband or ex-wife.

3. What is ReSolution™ in Collaborative Divorce that I see on your card?
ANSWER: (Ron) ReSolution™ is defined as the point at which conflict comes to an end in harmony as defined in the World English Dictionary. We are committed to helping end the conflict and pain of an unhappy marriage and supporting their reorganized families for a better lasting future with the parents and their children, and the husband and wife in their new life. The damage to children is prevented. People with or without children learn how to choose a new husband or wife that is better for them. Most people do remarry.

4. What is the cost of Collaborative Divorce?
ANSWER: (Ron) Much cheaper than the traditional adversarial court process practiced by most attorneys today. Canada, where it has been done more often, found Collaborative Divorce was 2/3 less expensive than traditional divorce. I give them an idea of their choices if they get a divorce for only
$450 and Rosalinda, a Licensed MFT, gives them a marriage assessment for only $1,200.

5. Rosalinda, I understand some of what Ron's part is, but what exactly
do you do?
ANSWER: (Rosalinda) I do three things. First, I meet with the husband and wife to review an on-line assessment of their marriage they have completed, and give them the written results. That only costs $1,200 to get those important results and answer many questions that have been difficult for them. Second, I tell the couple and Ron the level of communication and skill development they need to learn to successfully complete their divorce in the good way they both want. Third, I perform the role of the Case Manager, managing the team Ron and I assemble for this husband and wife to have a successful outcome to their divorce. We nurture, repair, and support them both with their children and treat the man and the woman with the kindness and respect they both deserve.

6. Do they have to be ready to get divorced to see you?
ANSWER: (Rosalinda) No. In fact, many couples come to us just looking for help and tools to make up their mind. Ron and I use the on-line marriage and personality assessment to help them make this most important decision. The couple learns what they must do to heal their marriage, and whether or not that is an option they want. From this assessment, if divorce is chosen, they also have great information to help them get divorced and get along better
as parents.

7. What is the point of a lawyer and a psychotherapist working together
in a divorce?
ANSWER: (Ron answers) Rosalinda and I choose to invest our lives in the possibility of men and women reorganizing their families and their lives in ways which relationships are healed, communication and relationship skills are mastered, parenting strategies are in harmony, and conflict is recognized as the doorway to consciousness, compassion, and unconditional love and respect. I know it is shocking to hear, but both the husband and the wife feel they are respected and cared about throughout their divorce with Rosalinda and I. They tell us how much they appreciate how we are helping them all the time. Some, those who choose divorce and those who choose to heal their marriage, even call us their saviors. We know it is they, the husband and wife, the man and woman, who are taking the high road to be the best they can be in this difficult time of divorce or rebuilding their marriage. They are their own saviors. We are privileged to help them be the good people they want to be during one of the worst times of their lives, their divorce. We believe in Married For Life, when it is the right choice for them. We give practical tools and training on how to have a great Married For Life marriage and end a bad marriage.

8. But why you two?
ANSWER: (Rosalinda answers 1st) Ron and I both have over 25 years experience and wisdom helping our clients through this tragedy of divorce,
and preventing divorce. We are also children of divorce. Ron did not see his father for many years after his mother divorced his father and I did not see my father for over 20 years when my mother divorced my father. My (Rosalinda) father was not allowed to see me again and by the time I met him when I was 23, he and I could not rekindle the great love we had for each other when I was a baby until I was 3 years of age. When I lost him in their divorce I lost him forever. All I have are the wonderful pictures of us when I was a child. The adult man I met never became my father again. I know he was not perfect, but I did love him and he was my father. (Ron answers 2nd) My (Ron's) father was also not allowed to see me, my mother had me adopted by my step-father, and my father found me in the church where I was an 11-12 year old altar boy. My mother gave me permission to spend time with my father as long as my step-father did not know about it. y father moved away shortly afterwards and I didn't see him again until I was in the Navy when I was 19. Rosalinda and I personally know the pain of divorce for the children and Rosalinda knows the pain of marriage ending in divorce. We do everything we kindly and respectfully can do for both the mothers and fathers to help them give their children, and each other, what is needed. A divorce is so very hard on the adult husband and wife. It is often harder, and has more lasting consequences, for the children. The children are so greatly helped by our work that their future lives are better insured to be as good as their parents want for them, including the men and women they marry being more likely to be good. We help people be their best in the worse of times, their divorce.
Thank you.

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