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Married For Life, a Division of CEO LifeMentor, Inc.
The mission of Married For Life is to give men and women who love each other the tools to show their love and stop any sabotaging behavior. We prevent and remove the threat of divorce, and ease death and divorce recovery.

Married For Life reduces the stress of marriage. We give men and women confidence to initiate and sustain lasting and joyful relationships. For single men and women we increase the likelihood of successful partner selection.

Rosalinda knows a good marriage is a great gift for everyone. Married For Life repairs and strengthens individuals, couples, and business relationships.

For private consultations and trainings please email Rosalinda O'Neill.

The Family Law Office of Ronald M. Supancic
Ron and his associates are dedicated to addressing divorce needs in a positive, collaborative manner that resolves conflict, avoids court, and helps families restructure their relationships to benefit all members of the family during and after the divorce.

Ron and his associates stress five collaborative principles:

  • Resolve all issues without going to court.
  • Address all aspects of the restructured family.
  • Treat the issues on an integrated basis.
  • Trust the integrity of the Collaborative Process at all times.
  • Support families in making their own life choices for permanent change.
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    Churchill Leadership, Inc.
    The Churchill Leadership Program draws upon Winston Churchillís experience of overcoming challenges and achieving success, as a model for developing skills and expertise in leadership.

    For more information please visit Churchill Leadership, Inc.

    Summit Centers Malibu
    Summit Center represents a new approach to addiction treatment. For the first time, a world-class program is blending the best traditional recovery techniques with sound science. Our goal is to improve the lives of people suffering from addiction by bringing addiction into the 21st century.

    If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction, Summit Centers offers its unparalleled expertise to help you. An addicted personís body and spirit have already suffered. Our integrated approach is the right treatment to give you the best opportunity for a bright, healthy future.

    For more information please contact 866.589-0505 or please visit
    Summit Centers Malibu.

    Cirque Lodge
    Cirque Lodge brings elegance, nature and qualified addiction experts together for one purpose. We want to help recovery become reality for the addict and alcoholic, and the people in their love and work relationships. We have dedicated our hearts, minds and monies to that end.

    For more information please visit Cirque Lodge.

    Renaissance Malibu
    Renaissance Malibu provides evidence-based, traditional and innovative addiction treatment for adults and their families. In a serene, exclusive and confidential environment, we offer hope and healing demonstrated by our lifelong commitment of support.

    For more information please visit Renaissance Malibu.