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HR Management

In the 1970s Rosalinda OíNeill was a personnel director, affirmative action officer, and senior university administrator. Since that time she has independently assisted many firms regarding HR and related management matters. The professionals who work with CEO LifeMentor clients have decades of HR management experience. A sample of HR Management assignments include:

  1. Assist CEOs and mentor HR Managers to fulfill the demanding role of HR and prevent labor law suits.
  2. Mentor department managers to hire and continue to develop competent and productive employees, and prevent law suits.

Diversity Development

Diversity development is an important commitment for corporations and those they employ. The United States of America is still the land of opportunity for those who are qualified or train to be qualified, have the want to work attitude, and are respectful of the rights of others. Pedro and Margot Rivera, Rosalinda OíNeillís grandparents, proved that when they lived, worked and raised their children in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900ís. At CEO LifeMentor we get involved in the diversity development of a company as we:

  1. Identify the current titled (formal) and untitled (informal) leaders of a company, and what the company is already doing to support their development.
  2. Identify, and at times deliver, additional personalized skill sets to increase the potential for an individualís success, their teamís success, and a positive return on the corporate investment.
  3. Develop short-term and long-term Diversity Development and Recruiting Strategy Plans.


Terminating an employee or manager requires delicacy, experience and wisdom if a company is to avoid or reduce the risk of a law suit. Continuing to employ anyone who is incompetent or inappropriate at the workforce creates a negative return on morale, profitability, and productivity: including co-workers and managers. Rosalinda OíNeill and her CEO LifeMentor team members assist in gracious and respectful terminations as we:

  1. Assess the employee or manager in question, often by interviewing a variety of individuals at the workforce.
  2. Assist and mentor the executives in administering fair and well-documented steps to resolve the matter.

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